Who we are

Who we are


“Our mission is to utilize all forms of communication to understand the diversity that exists between countries, and continue to inspire passion by connecting the people of the world to all the value found around the globe.


Link the World

Core Value & Action Principle

For us, the path to success in our mission, and our strength, is people.
Global Daily works to support the visions of those who strive towards their ideals, upholding these values as we continue to move forward.


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Group`s Corporate Philosophy

  • DAC ism

    Advertising agencies don’t have products.

    The work is never selecting the simple, safe choice, it’s seeking innovation and not looking back at the past, it’s choosing the future and not seeing problems, it’s focusing in on opportunity, and not just following common sense or trends but choosing originality, and in so doing always searching out new possibilities.

    However, devising how to do any kind of business, to sell any kind of thing, sometimes becomes a double-edged sword.

    Which is exactly why we must always be conscious of the obligations and responsbilities we owe to society.

    If we don’t just think about our happiness as indivuals, but also work towards the happiness of our colleagues and society at large, our spirit of endeavor and our creativity should become in itself a brighter future.

  • x Challenge
    x Creative
    = Future

    We continue to endeavor forwards, together.
    In addition, we will continue to be a company that develops service solutions and new inovations, and creates positive change for people, businesses, and society.
    Contributing to society is creating the future.

  • Do ! Different

    For clients we provide the chance to “do ! different” by offering unique solutions.
    For society we “do ! different” by breaking out of the box of just one company, one advertising agency, and supporting bigger causes.
    For ourselves as individuals we “do ! different” by working towards the future, and endeavoring towards new innovations.

  • Spirit of altruism

    Work for the People

    Work for the World

    Work for the Earth